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Rigid Bulk Containers

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We provide rigid bulk containers in both 4,000-lbs. and 6,000-lbs. capacity. You can literally just pile on the loads by stacking three other Heavy-Duty Bulk Containers on top of it, each fully loaded. That's packing a lot of product into a space that's as small as 40" x 48", which gives you a lot of return on your material handling and storage investment.

With its optional Kanban plates, the rugged Heavy-Duty Bulk Container can easily be integrated into the most modern material handling operations, bringing new scales of efficiency.


  • Holds up to 6,000 lbs.
  • Solid steel construction
  • Corrugated panels for added strength
  • Angle or tubing corner posts and nesting caps
  • Half-drop gate for access
  • Mix, match, and stack with wire mesh containers
  • Multile runner bar configurations available, as shown runners on long side
  • Four-way fork entry
  • Stackable up to four high
  • Capable of being dumped 180ยบ with added runnerbars, fork pockets, or stirrups
  • Casters, optional
  • Fire and impact resistant
  • Maintenance free