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Cantilever Rack Accessories and Heavyweight Structural Cantilever Rack

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Bolt-On Arm Lips

All MECO cantilever arms are factory punched to accept a bolt-on lip at any time. Lips can also be removed when they are no longer required. Lips are not intended to bear any portion of the load.

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Bolt-On Pipe Sockets

Pipe sockets can be field installed or removed as needs dictate—just like bolt-on lips. Inside diameter of the socket is 13/8". Removable pipe is not included. Pipe sockets are not intended to bear any portion of the load.

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Drop In Deck Support Saddles

Add a plywood deck to the cantilever system to store bulky items such as boxes, cartons and furniture. MECO will pre-engineer the saddles to accommodate 2x4 cross supports. Saddles must be positioned along the arm to ensure equal distribution of weight. Deck support saddles can also be provided for the bases. Saddles must be fastened to the arms and bases. Field drilling is required. Fasteners are not included. Other saddle styles available. Please inquire.

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Welded Axle

Reels, spools and rolls can be stored between arms with the addition of axle cradles. Axle is not included.

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Roof Supports

Turn a cantilever rack system into covered storage with MECO OMAHA roof supports. Can be used as single or double sided roof (depending on length of base used). Purlin clips included. NOTE: The use of roof supports can significantly reduce the rack’s capacity due to wind and snow loads. MECO will custom design the roof supports to conform with local wind and snow load conditions.

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Steel Decks

MECO offers optional steel decks to withstand the harshest industrial environment. Ideal for storage of short lengths of material, dies, castings and other items that require an uninterrupted length of heavy duty decking. Steel angles are welded to the underside of the deck for additional strength. Arms and decks are precision drilled to accept mounting hardware.

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Structural Cantilever Rack

Select a MECO OMAHA Structural Cantilever Rack system when your load requirements surpass normal capacities. Uprights are fabricated from rugged structural wide flange beams. Heights are available through 24 feet. Bolt holes are punched on 4" centers the full height of the upright. Both single sided and double sided uprights are available. Structural bases are attached to the uprights by heavy duty, high strength bolts. Load on bases does not affect the total upright capacity.